Don't regret your choices, they make who you are
keep this short.
Andressa. 18


Boyf is here

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Mrs Fletcher & Mrs Jones vlogging! +

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95% of that ice cream is still good time is truly of the essence

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Every Glee song ever 
You Make Me Feel So Young

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"A very, very strong woman named Tris Prior, who was not born a superhero. She was not born with innate superhuman powers. Through the evolution of the movie you get to watch her grow, and you get to watch her find her own confidence, which in turn brings her bravery. In my opinion I think, you know, you can be brave and jump off trains, but the truest form of bravery and courage is to wake up every single day and to be ourselves, and that’s something that Tris does. That is something all of us have the opportunity and choice to make each and every morning." - Shailene Woodley

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Life is a movie and you’re the star. Give it a happy ending. - Joan Rivers 1933-2014

You will never be forgotten, may you rest in peace.

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The wolf was looking at her. Its jaws were red and wet and its eyes glowed golden in the dark room. It was Bran’s wolf, she realized. Of course it was. “Thank you,” Catelyn whispered, her voice faint and tiny. She lifted her hand, trembling. The wolf padded closer, sniffed at her fingers, then licked at the blood with a wet rough tongue. When it had cleaned all the blood off her hand, it turned away silently and jumped up on Bran’s bed and lay down beside him. Catelyn began to laugh hysterically.

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theo james + continually making me attracted to him
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checking tumblr in public


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